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Finance Pre-Approval Service

When most people set out to buy a new home, the first thing they do is meet with their bank to set up a mortgage pre-approval. That way they know how much they can spend for a home, making the process of shopping for a home a little less stressful or uncertain. It also gives people the confidence of knowing that if they find a home that they really want, they can buy it.


Pre-Approval Service

Our finance pre-approval service allows us to get you the best interest rate and the best monthly payments...up front. You can choose the vehicle that you really want, and relax and shop with confidence. There is no obligation to buy from us and it does not hurt your credit score!

We now offer that very same service here at our dealership

Fast, Easy Approval
We now offer that very same service here at Airway Automotive - a vehicle Finance Pre-Approval Service. It takes about 5 minutes of your time and is carried out in the strictest of confidence.
As easy as 1-2-3
Our Financial Services Specialists are authorized Canadian chartered bank representatives and can usually have your Pre-Approval in place in minutes.
Shopping Experience
It does not obligate you to buy a vehicle from us and it does not hurt your credit score. It’s simply an added service that we provide in order to make your shopping experience quick, easy and care free. And since you will have to do it at some point during your buying process, why not get it out of the way and focus on what’s really important - your new vehicle!