Buying a Previous Rental

Thinking of Buying a Used Daily Rental Vehicle?

Here Are the Benefits of Buying A Daily Rental!


Let the rental agency take the initial depreciation hit. It's no secret that new cars lose 20-30 per cent of their value in the first year. That's why two-thirds of Canadians favor buying used over new, especially these days. The advantage of buying a rental car is that the vehicle was purchased new at a special fleet price, so it can be resold at a lower price point than a privately purchased model.


Rental vehicles are maintained better than some private vehicles. Agencies have to take care of their fleet to protect their capital investment. They're also compelled to keep careful maintenance records to protect themselves from lawsuits, since renters get into accidents and sometimes try to blame the car's state of repair. The rental company performs safety inspections and documents maintenance to prove due diligence.


Rental cars are typically sold with low mileage. This way the agency can maximize its investment by getting a good price for its fleet vehicles. In addition to getting the balance of the new-car warranty, we offer 36 days or 1000km 50/50 dealer guarantee to fix problems that become immediately apparent. Extended warranties are also offered for purchase at a reasonable price. The intent is to alleviate the concerns of our customers. Inquire today 705-693-2745 ext 4 or 3057 Falconbridge Road in Garson.